meet the owners

meet the owners

owner Luc Bergeron, CAPCTOwner Luc Bergeron, CAPCT, has been operating this business since June of 2005, when it was still known as "Paw Prince Bed & Biscuit," but has been active with animals for a long time. He's been a cat and bird caretaker since childhood, dog daddy since 1997, and has been through obedience classes with his own dogs. He has also been a foster dad for Maine Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

He has been trained in animal First Aid and CPR, and has also gone through Levels 1 and 2 of the Pet Care Services Association's certification program, thus earning the title "Certified Advanced Pet Care Technician." Due to his experiences as a dad, foster dad, and Head Kounselor here, he has lots of experience with companion animals from the very young and healthy to the elderly, and those with special medical needs.

He is also a musician; having played drums professionally for many years, and attended college with a music major, he recently acquired a Chapman Stick, and is enjoying the learning process. He's very experienced in public speaking and in creative writing, which comes in handy when composing the Kamp K9 monthly newsletters (see The Straight Poop page on this site).

Jennifer Bergeron, CPCTJennifer Bergeron, CPCT, Luc's wife, has always had an affinity for animals, and always had pets in her family, starting from an early age. She grew up with dogs, and has always had cats, no matter where life has taken her. Her pet experience also includes hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs. Besides having pets, Jen has also had some experiences with animals that most people haven't. When still a teenager, she had the opportunity to help care for a litter of Collie puppies, and a couple of years later ended up caring for an abandoned litter of kittens, feeding them formula and teaching them things that a mother cat would teach her babies. She has been trained in animal First Aid and CPR, and has completed Level 1 of the PCSA's certification program, earning her the title "Certified Pet Care Technician."

Aside from Kamp duties, Jen currently works IDEXX Laboratories (an international company in the veterinary diagnostics field), and from working there has learned many fascinating things about companion and farm animals.

Jen, better known as ‘Auntie Jen’ by her pet friends, has taken all of Kamp K9's clients into her generous heart and has no problem sharing her living quarters with them.


Auntie Jen, Uncle Luc, and their three Junior Kounselors: Spencer, Gracie, and Snoopy (L-R)