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Kamp K9 dog pool funHOURS:
Open for Day Kamp Mon-Fri  7:00am - 6:00pm
& Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm

10,000 square feet of country play land are always open for dogs to spend their time together in a fun, low-stress setting. Dogs are able to run and play with their pals in our spacious park-like outdoor setting, bask in the sunshine, splash around in our pool (weather permitting, of course), or just hang out lounging on a comfy bed in the TV Room watching Animal Planet. Your pet gets human interaction with as much hands-on play as they can handle all day, with some aspects of training included! Best of all, dogs are happy and tired after a day at Kamp and are ready to go home with their owners to spend a quiet evening together.

Why Dog Daycare? What Makes Daycare at Kamp K9 Different?
Canines are genetically programmed to travel throughout their territory. They look for food, check the borders to make sure there have been no incursions, look for food, deal with intruders, look for food...you get the idea. This need for going about remains in domestic dogs’ DNA, so your retriever has as much need to expend his energy as did his predecessors 12,000 years ago. The problem today is that too many people don’t give their dogs enough activity, and therefore many dog owners experience problems like difficulty in training, excessive barking, home destruction, unruly behavior with people and/or other dogs, and other neurotic displays.

alt=kamp k9 boarders
kamp k9 boardersWe have dogs whose attendance here at Kamp K9 has literally saved their place in the home. We regularly hear from our clients that their pals are much easier to train and are a joy to have in the house, and they attribute this to their time spent with us at Kamp!

However, there's exercise...and there's over-stimulation. You see, at many daycare facilities, they focus on exercise and activity, without keeping an eye on controlling how hyped-up the dogs get. This can lead to dogs getting overly-stimulated whenever they're faced with any kind of activity, anyplace. What we do here at Kamp K9 is encompass training ideas and actions in our activities. We don't allow certain behaviors, like jumping up on people. We limit the noise. We spend time learning about each dog's personality and what makes them tick, so we can provide more individually tailored care for everyone. In short, we don't just keep them running all day; we keep their brains as busy as their bodies. This not only helps to keep Kamp K9 from getting too noisy and nutty, it also helps reduce the risk of dogs getting testy with each other, which, along with our highly selective screening and ongoing staff education, helps keep your dog safer here than any place we can think of (except your own home).
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